Seedling Reference Photos

I’m posting some photos of seedlings because I searched for this kind of thing when I first started my garden. Hope someone finds them helpful.

Asparagus – Not really a seedling. This is a spear growing from 3rd year root planting. But Hubs like to mow this kind of thing down.

Marigold seedling

German Chamomile seedling (a volunteer from last year’s garden!)

Broccoli/Cauliflower seedling (they both look pretty much the same). This one has its first true leaf.

Nasturtium seedling in the lower right corner. The larger purple plant is Purple Basil.

Dill seedling (another volunteer)

Bachelor Button Seedlings. They are the silvery, fuzzier ones with the longer, thinner leaves. The others could be something I planted, or they could be wild violets which would take over the world if I let them.

Red Stem Malabar Spinach seedling

Convolvulus seedling.

Roman Chamomile seedlings. I believe these are the teeny-tiny yellow-green seedlings sprinkled throughout the photo, but I’m not totally certain yet since I haven’t grown them before.


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