Fluffy Tree Rats Strike Again

Every morning in spring, after I see the girls off to school on the bus, I head over to my little garden patch to see what new seedling or other new treasure awaits. Yes, I’m easily pleased these days.

This morning… It was planticide. The effing tree rats (i.e. squirrels) strike again.


These were sweet peppers. Luckily, I have two others which were untouched. For now.

This was a sunflower. There were two, but I couldn’t even find the ravaged stalk of the other one. This is my FOURTH planting of sunflowers. In the original photo, you can see a tiny drop of plant blood oozing from the dismembered stump.

The first was dug up and eaten before they even had a chance to sprout. All I found were the empty seed hulls scattered carelessly on the ground. Plantings two and three were eaten before they could even sprout their first leaves. I blamed Hubs for reckless mower etiquette for #2. After finding planting number three decimated, I decided to get serious. I raised the tender seedlings under glass cloches (also known as appropriated beer pint glasses) until they had a few sets of true leaves.

The filthy rat pirates just waited.


Artist’s rendition of their greedy squirrel rat faces stuffed with seedlings from my garden. Notice the rabid, bloodthirsty eyes and murderous smile.

So, the question is… Do I plant more sunflowers? Do I surround them with electrified razor wire and half-starved wolf-dogs with distemper? Or do I take 57 No-Doze and wait up all night with my slingshot and Habanero-coated BBs? Maybe I can just ask them politely.


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